This is when watering in cycles would be beneficial. It does no… If your controller This calculator creates a watering schedule for basic controllers. function contact( domain, user, tld ) Sprinkler Discharge Rate: Learn how to estimate a single sprinkler's discharge rate by setting up an experiment using two sprinklers, 4 cans and a measuring container. Hand Move Sprinklers: Find recommended values for hand move sprinklers, such as set times, nozzle and pressure losses. Turf: Shrubs/Trees: Step 2. To calculate the total water usage, simply count the number of each type of spray head and multiply by the Gallon per Minute usage for each station. select either Turf or Shrubs/Trees first, Irrigation Water Management Services for the Seattle region. Release Date: 8/27/2013. To calculate the cost of watering your yard, divide the number of gallons used by 1,000 then multiply by the price you pay per 1,000 gallons (see our calculator below). 1. This helps avoid wasteful run-off and water waste. Identify the type of heads or watering system for that zone. With the help of this calculator you can find the square foot coverage of a drip irrigation sprinkler or spray jet if you have the value of either the diameter, circumference or radius. The table below reflects average water and wastewater usage, and cost per year Based on our charges for April 2019 to March 2020. 0.3 (Eto value) x 1.0 (grass value) x 1500 (sq ft) x 0.62 ÷ 0.75 (efficency factor) = gallons of water per day Now do the math, just punch the values into a calculator and get your answer: 0.3 x 1.0 x 1500 x 0.62 ÷ 0.75 = 372 gallons per day We could figure out the average daily water use … Version 1.4.4. I have a ¼ acre or smaller property: Scenario A – I have 4 turf zones running 20 minutes per cycle, 4 days a week = 13 gallons a minute per zone . When designing a sprinkler system you need to know how much water is available to you at the source. Allowance needs to be made for years that are hotter, drier, cooler or wetter.The program calculates the crop water requirement to produce commercial crops. Step 3. If you have already completed a watering schedule (or even filled out at least one zone) on either this or the Intermediate scheduling calculator your can find your schedule here. Traveling Big Gun Sprinkler: Calculate the net water application for a given flow rate, efficiency percentage, lane … Running a typical sprinkler from a standard garden hose (5/8”) for one hour uses about 1,020 gallons of water; if you run it three times per week, that is about 12,240 gallons per month. Do not confuse cycling with irrigation frequency. When a municipal water supply is not available or impractical, the piping network may be designed to draw water from another source, which can be either open or closed. A water flow test is often used to determine the water supply available, where a fire hydrant is opened to record pressure and flow values. In the example above it is better to water in two 10 minute cycles (each day) instead of 20 minutes all at once. The best calculation will be obtained by filling out the form in the most accurate way. + tld + '"\>' + 'Contact Us\<\/a\>' ); Please note: This sprinkler calculator creates no more than 17 zones. Drip Design for Landscapes: Determine how much water to apply to individual plants with drip emitters. Correct obstructions in sprinkler heads that prevent sprinklers from distributing water evenly. It should not be used for detailed farm irrigation scheduling.Average weather data has been used to calculate water requirement for crops. WSU Prosser - IAREC, 24106 N Bunn Rd, Prosser WA 99350-8694, 509-786-2226, Traveling Irrigator: Estimate the the total number of irrigated acres per hour based on lane spacing and travel speed. This illustration is an example of a fairly standard 3-valve sprinkler system. Don’t forget to include the sewer costs unless you have a separate meter. { You may notice that your watering schedule requires cycles. Fill out the inputs below to determine how long to water and get the best out of your lawn. The goal for this app is to help the installer save time and money. We created these Water Savings Calculators to demonstrate just how much water can be conserved when you use Hunter’s innovations. Add the totals for all three stations to get the total water usage (The amount of water in a sprinkler's spray pattern will vary depending on how close you place your cans. Watering Cycles. These basic procedures can also be used for calculating many other types of systems such as fire hydrant, hose reel or the discharge from a water cannon or monitor we can also use the same principal for almost all other water-based fire protection systems if we have a k-factor for the output device (fire sprinkler, water mist nozzle and so on). Except for the Lawn and Turfgrass calculator, ... To estimate how much water your sprinkler system applies per hour, follow the procedure in the UC Lawn Watering Guide. It is better to stay on your twice a week schedule (or whatever it might be) and break it up into cycles on the same day. document.write( '\