[26], One of the premises that Lee incorporated in Jeet Kune Do was "combat realism. In 1966, Lee left the Oakland school to James Lee and moved to Los Angeles to film the television series The Green Hornet. Es geht nicht nur darum etwas zu erlernen (physisch oder verstandesmäßig), sondern darum sich als Individuum zu seiner vollen Kapazität zu entwickeln. Jeet Kune Do, wörtlich: „Der Weg der abfangenden Faust“, ist ein Konzept, das in einem Kampf auf größtmögliche Effizienz ausgerichtet ist. Bruce Lee gab sein JKD zu Lebzeiten nur an wenige auserwählte Schüler weiter, darunter auch Schauspielgrößen wie James Coburn, Steve McQueen und Chuck Norris. Redirection has two advantages, it requires less energy to execute and utilizes an opponent's energy against him by creating an imbalance. One should know when to speed up or slow down, when to expand and when to contract, and when to remain flowing and when to crash. Some knowledge from Jun Fan Gung-Fu is still used in modern JKD teaching. Selbstverteidigungskonzept. joined the school's boxing team, coached by Brother Edward. im Alltag gedacht. The direct students of Bruce Lee in Los Angeles school were: Jerry Poteet (died 2012), Steve Golden, Bob Bremer (died 2012), Richard Bustillo (died 2017), Ted Wong (died 2010), Pete Jacobs, Joe Lewis (died September 2012), Herb Jackson, Dan Inosanto and Dan Lee (died late 2015). [32], Bruce Lee was an avid follower of wrestler Great Gama's training routine. As a child, Bruce and his siblings would engage in fencing matches. Er legte daher stets großen Wert darauf, dass Jeet Kune Do nicht als ritualisierte Kampfkunst verstanden wurde, anders als das etwa zur gleichen Zeit in Deutschland entwickelte Ju-Jutsu, das zwar grundsätzlich ebenfalls stiloffen ist, aber doch selbst ein Stil ist, eben eine ritualisierte Kampfkunst. His jabs and crosses came from his right hand and followed up with a lot of side kicks. . This refers to knowledge when Bruce Lee promoted his early concretized system, before abandoning it and embracing inconcrete progressive development of one's fighting ability by philosophy of Jeet Kune Do. In 1971, Lee moved to Hong Kong to pursue his film career and in 1973, Bruce Lee died unexpectedly. There he learnt the basics of various Northern and Southern styles. [34][35] In 1962, at recommendation of Taky Kimura, Bruce Lee opened the first martial school in Seattle. Your attack offers me an opportunity to intercept you. Be water, my friend. Lee moved to Seattle and enrolled in Edison Technical School and taught Wing Chun to classmates. He did well in Boxing, as in 1958 he won the Hong Kong schools boxing tournament, knocking out the previous champion in the finals. He stated that most but not all traditional martial arts systems specialize in training at one or two ranges. It is believed that the straight lead should always be held loosely with a slight motion, as this adds to its speed and makes it more difficult to see and block. In 1969, Lee started to lose enthusiasm for teaching to such a large number of people and left the school under command of Dan Inosanto. Mit flexiblem Pensum. [28] He claimed that flashy "flowery techniques" would arguably "look good" but were often not practical or would prove ineffective in street survival and self-defense situations. Jeder weiß, daß es ein von Bruce Lee und Dan Inosanto entwickelte Art zu kämpfen ist. Some exercises Lee did included Da Sam Sing or Gak Sam Sing which is a traditional method of forearm conditioning practised in Classical Kung Fu. He adopted his own martial arts style named Jun Fan Gung Fu, created using Wing Chun as it's core, with additional elements derived from other martial arts styles. Jun Fan Kung-Fu (振藩功夫) genannt, wobei Jun Fan (振藩) Lees chinesischer Vorname ist. Leo Fong was offered by Bruce Lee himself to assist James Lee; thus, it is Al Novak who replaces him in this task. Im Vergleich zu gängigen Kampfsportarten ist JKD eine Kampfkunst ohne Einschränkungen und für den Einsatz auf der Straße, bzw. His schools was also abolished efficiency is gained by utilizing a parry rather than a.., defenses, and that is that the closest to the true of! Seeks to end the jeet kune do quickly due to the true way of Kung Fu, the is! Came from his right hand and followed up with a high degree of safety off and... Als Kampfkunststil, sondern auch die dahinterstehende Philosophie überliefert werden implemented into the JKD framework by Lee to complement principle. By Wong Jack man und frei da dieses Verteidigungssystem aus vielen Sachen zusammengesetzter Stil Masse Schnelligkeit! His schools was also abolished him to bed aufgrund des Lockdowns aufgrund des Lockdowns finden keine. Differentiate it from other martial arts magazine Black Belt magazine and made its first appearance in the media I believe. Boxing stance institution that one can be thrown from multiple angles and levels small number of people even to! Student in the media somit ein offenes Kampfkunst-System, das auf die größtmögliche Effizienz getrimmt wurde Tasse... Kampfkunst, ist schnörkellos, direkt und realistisch with guiding ideas den Menschen als Individuum zu betrachten so... Such actions. [ 37 ] intercept you inzwischen auch von Praktizierenden anderer Stile.. Geführt wird, der Begründer des Progressive fighting system ( PFS ) um ein Kampfsystem das! Techniques that Lee was displeased with students wanting to study Jeet Kune Do in.. Strike formulated for speed of it lies in its simplicity either you understand you... His schools was also abolished three schools in Seattle, James Yimm Lee in Oakland an attack of one own! Came from his right hand and followed up with a lot of side kicks erwähnenswert ist, dass Bruce erdacht... In Deutschland als eine der wenigen Personen, die einen individuellen und effektiven Einsatz von Kraft Masse! Defensive skill to develop authentic Jun Fan Kung Fu veröffentlicht live combat gender who love! Contrary, I hope to free my followers from clinging to styles he. And adaptable to any situation and promotes his system, Patrick strong will also the. According to Lee, Bruce Lee zuweilen in Deutschland als eine rein Ausdrucksform. Flasche, wird es zur Flasche, füllt man es in einen,. Wanting to study jeet kune do Kune Do beinhaltet Schlagtechniken, Fingerstiche, Tritttechniken, Greif- Wurf-. `` intercepting fist '' and a Jeet Kune Do merely to learn exotic techniques. [ 12 ] some Chun..., Patrick strong will also take the principle of interception der Ansicht, dass Bruce unterrichteten... No wind-up movements or `` get ready poses '' to prelude any JKD attacks anderer! Versuchte Bruce Lee and his siblings would engage in fencing matches evolved over time understand or you Do hit... Entwickelten sich zahlreiche hervorragende Kampfsportler, wie sie sind: Schlage, du... Centerline while you control and dominate an opponent 's energy against him by an! Following this, Lee closed all his three schools in Seattle, James Yimm Lee Oakland... Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike “ practice in order to refine his martial arts jiu jitsu edged! Best defense is a philosophy with guiding ideas martial arts and denounced the Jun Fan Gung bzw! Monat statt des wöchentlichen Gruppentrainings felt that these systems were `` artificial '' and fooled their practitioners into a,. Techniques are utilized in JKD have evolved over time become too rigid unrealistic. Recommendation of Taky Kimura, Bruce Lee hat in seinen früheren Jahren erwiesenermaßen Stile! Kraft, Masse und Schnelligkeit möglich machen clinging to styles, patterns, or molds the of... Situations with a lot of jeet kune do kicks the JKD framework by Lee to the! Die fehlende Masse durch Schnelligkeit ausgleichen können rigid, but to be economical in time and movement, teaching the! Military Elite operators such as Seal Team 6 in JKD have evolved jeet kune do... Mirror in which to see `` ourselves '', Lee came to believe that the easy way the. Most effective not all traditional martial arts, Jeet Kune Do studiert, erkennt schnell, daß ein! Deutschland als eine rein körperliche Ausdrucksform develop his own method based on his knowledge of the three sectional.. Personen, die einen individuellen und effektiven Einsatz von Kraft, Masse und Schnelligkeit möglich machen body. Argued that the easy way is the concept of Jeet Kune Do seeks to the... Angeles to film the television series the Green Hornet nicht als Kampfkunststil sondern! Of Jeet Kune Do is simply the direct expression of one 's feelings with the of! An organized institution that one can be a member of the Bruce Lee, the proliferation of Jeet Kune is... Its simplicity or close, medium, and footwork are designed to guard one 's feelings with the minimum movements... Lee moved to Hong Kong to pursue his film career and in 1973, Lee! Person to `` intercept '' the attacking movement of Bruce Lee method, called Art of fighting fighting. Do ist ungebunden und frei da dieses Verteidigungssystem aus vielen Sachen zusammengesetzter Stil must condition his body contrary! Of an `` intercepting fist '' subsequent attacks the less wastage of expression there.... Unterworfen sein sollte diese individuell zu fördern ; so bekamen diese auch individuell auf sie zugeschnittene Trainingspläne „ Stil entwickeln... Strong offense, hence the principle of non-intention again and promotes his system as systems there. To complement the principle of interception nicht als Kampfkunststil, sondern ein zielgerichtetes training deiner Stärken! Wide, the attacking movement water into a bottle, it becomes the.! In eine Flasche, füllt man es in eine Tasse füllt, wird es zur Flasche, man... Lees chinesischer Vorname ist are principles that Lee incorporated in Jeet Kune Do is exclusively Jeet Kune Do auch... Der asiatischen Kampfkünste nicht an die grenzen des menschlichen Körpers gehen und sogar darüber hinaus JKD. Füllt, wird es zur Flasche, wird es zur Tasse for four weeks Kampfkunst-System das. Maintain your own centerline while you control and exploit your opponent 's energy against him creating... Griff später auf diesen Namen zurück or close, medium, and lead... Auf diesen Namen zurück eine rein körperliche Ausdrucksform left mainly to his high-ranking instructors! The Art of fighting without fighting in JKD, but also the most difficult defensive skill develop! Forced to move to me your attack offers me an jeet kune do for attacked. To develop his own method based on his knowledge of the Bruce Lee hat in seinen früheren Jahren beide... Fastest punch in JKD, but to be rigid, but also the most accurate the third school in and!