When I first got my kitten I named her aurora after sleeping beauty because she fall asleep in my lap. I just found a beautiful soft grey color kitten and I just named her Luna she’s so sweet and she loves cuddles my daughter went to her room and came back with a little shirt that says I love my monkey and said momma this is my Luna’s now my baby doll has other clothes so we now have a a sweet baby fur girl named Luna and she has tons of clothes poor kitten is gonna be rotten from my sweet girls. I have a petite grey female that I call Tiger Lilly. Couldn’t find mom or siblings. Daphne: A sweetly, fragrant shrub of Southern gardens, just right for a Southern belle. On the day I went to pback ck him up and they told me he died of cancer 3 hours ago. A great way to get inspired with naming your cat is to look at her beautiful furry coat. Agatha. I just wanted a name for her before we get her. He’s as sweet as he can be, but I’m having a terrible time finding an appropriate name for this handsome creature. Give her a name to match with one of these black girl kitten names. My very first kitten. Alice. 60 Dumb Cat Names. Here are some fun and cute names for black girl cats. Please share this collection of the top female cat names. I’ve also had a gypsy, Quinn, Ash, phbeas, October, Tigger, mittens and Sunday and Loki, Apollo, ajax Socrates bullet Remington in my lifetime. They are all russian names. Did you know that thousands of research papers have been published on cat behavior and health? we decided to compile this list of the best female cat names we could find. Or if you want so,eating unique, Angel…it is a black cat, and usually white cats are called Angel. List Of Famous Cat Names For Your Cat. I used to be a rescue. His name is Batman, the Bman, the dark knight and he is the coolest cat around. We had Maine Coon named Mr. Fluffy McButterpants. Follow our article completely and choose the cat names that fit for your cat. Any suggestions on a name? He brought me 14 1/2 yrs of pure joy. I’m just about to get a rescue ragdoll kitten. (I might name her Oreo), I Had two Black and White kittens and I named them Piano and Adeli <3. Famous Names – Celebrities, Historical Figures. Beau acually means “beautiful” and I know that bc I take french class. We hope you enjoyed these white female cat names. So how about choosing from these cute girl kitten names? 320 Asian Cat Names – Japanese and Korean Cat Names. Female Black Cat Names. Fostering two kittens right now thinking of keeping the lil female name her raven, We once had a black and white cat that looked like it was wearing a tuxesedo so that’s what we named him, I had a cat named Riley but as a nickname we called her meow meow, my kitten is named Lynx and she is all mine mhwa mhwa ha ha ha arn’t I scary? I have just got a kitten she is so cute !?. Any suggestions? Enjoy! I had a black and white RSPCA kitten. Some names that I like are Paris, Ash, and Mae. U could do the same for simber and other charactors too? ), you have just found the most comprehensive female cat names list on the internet. Cali is my baby’s name. Many pet owners are starting to wonder if … More... How well do you know your cat? This collection was carefully crafted to include only the most unique female kitten names. One night we were watching him be his goofy self and I blurted out “What a Bozo”. I miss her terribly. Chloe. Gremlin, because she was so ugly. Taken this long to recover. I had a difficult time finding a name that fit. Your little girl cat’s name doesn’t have to mean anything to anyone but you. Which one do you guys like? My cat’s name is Cannoli. Here are some of our top choice strong girl cat names. I like Oreo too but what would be good for a black and white female? I have for cats and am adopting this little lady that starving for affection. Your cat may regularly get the kitty crazies, which is like a chaotic zig-zagging or zooming all over the house. Mom was Snow White and babies were the seven dwarves! Then, once you choose the name it needs to “stick”. My Calico‘s name is Snickers and my Torti’s name is Recees. I have an orange main coon named sherbert, a tabbico name Stella, grey tabby name Scarlett ( she has a little red nose) and a buff kitten name Simon ??? Ima like you I just got a gray/white with black stripes female Tabby cat what do y’all think of these names KiKu,Pookie, or stinker please help me choose one !! also a dog Sadie Mae.. We’re adopting an all grey kitten. So I renamed her Oriana, I didn’t want to change it too much. She purred all of the time! Her current name is Moose but I’m thinking about changing it. My cat was five when I got her from someone who was moving out of state and couldn’t keep her. You might have a grey tabby or an almost blue Persian. I had her when she was first born and now she just had her babies 5 days ago. She couldn’t have been that bad…all cats are beautiful. I’m getting foster kittens very soon from a shelter and some names I was considering after this site were Milo Frost Pickles Domino Lily Cannoli Does anyone have any other ideas or like these? Traditionally female names are by their nature feminine. © 2020 catnamescity.com - All rights reserved. Then there is a male siamese named Tigger, a female siamese named Pixie, and the baby who is almost two…Pierre. Muffin…but you said she looks like an old soul…hmmm…not sure. I wanted to name this one Sushimi but that got nixed. So please someone comment a suggestion and please don’t say midnight or twilight nothing like that. I’ve had four cats with names that didn’t stick, they were successfully renamed. At the moment, we are trying out Majesty — short, of course, for HIS Majesty! We call her Penny for short sometimes. Let’s begin with the most popular type – cute girl cat names: The potential list of cute girl kitten names is enormous. I have a male black cat. Look into the world of nature, think of other cute animals or experiences you have encountered. I just took in a super sweet girl that was dropped off on our local police officers door and I work for the postal service n see many strays but she came right to me n hasn’t left my side so I’m deciding to foster her and keep her possibly if finding anther Home doesn’t become more suitable. Great choice! Email. Abby. She came with the name Cinder! I also like the names….menace, trigger, Casper. I just adopted Sheba ginger-f), I love ‘pickles’……. Named him Lucifer too. Pin FB. I’m also open for more ideas!? Do you want it to represent a characteristic you hope she will have in terms of her personality? Share the fuzzy friskiness with cat-like reflexes! I have 3 kitties a 5 year old black and white long haired girl named Milaya, a one year old black and white short hair whose name is Chelovek and a long haired calico kitten name Malisha. In Hindi ‘Maya’ means Kindness. Name suggestions? Do you have your very own little lioness? I love that name. so he walked like he was drunk. Any suggestions? We had a solid black cat that my daughter named Anubis after the Egyptian God. they are so cute and I love them so much that they sleep with me under the blankets at night! We’ve created the ultimate list of Irish cat names. So give her the respect she deserves with one of these unique girl kitten names. She is black with a few Ginger spots and a ginger ring around her tail and one foot is ginger. Diva? He has chosen “Nacho”. Top 80 Best Female White Cat Names. I need to think about it some more because I don’t like the usual names. Just suggestions. She passed away about 8 yrs ago. All you need to find a kitten and raise a happy, healthy cat. I think I may be naming her Tia. You May Also Like. Badass Girl Cat Names. Jezebel is my black long haired female . Is your kitty a bit of a cool customer? I thinking to name her Luna or Eclipesi since the eclipse is tomorrow and I don’t know her name. Allie. I named my cat Orion. I like the name Salem for a solid black male cat. How cool is a black cat? Grey cats have a variety of shades, from palest grey to almost black. Callling her roadkill for now , but like Guiness better. i love my catso so so so so so so so so so so so so so s o so sos oso s os o os os s s oso o os so os so os so so oso MUCH!!!!!!!! It just felt like the right name for her. And picked out the best bits! Some names i used for male & female are Shiloh, Gizmo, Sienna, Candy, Bullet, Sniper, Rebel, Marley, Raina, Tippy, Sunny, Sally, Tinkerbell, Toby, Angel, Sprite, Squirt, Willow, Sargeant, Applejack, Ramius, Sweet Pea, Wylie, Daisy Mae, Hazel, Mr. Mugu, Dakota, Zeus, Merlin, Sebastian, T.J., Monochrome, Roxy, Ace, Riley, Tabatha, Sierra, Bright Eyes, Trouble, Imp, Oliver, Scooter, Rocky, Tiny Tim, Tabitha, Patches, Riley, Ace, Jazz. Hey guys! She just had 5 kittens on April 15th. I had a black and white boy cat years ago. Thankfully, your kitty isn’t as big as a lioness, but did you know cats are distantly related to big cats? 90 Mystical Cat Names. Stella, Caspian, Tramp, Figaro, Blizzard, Starlight, Ivy, Cooper. Funny. I foster critical care kittens with a rescue and when they are healthy (and fixed!) Perhaps their color will help you. My 14 year old son picked out his own kitten so he gets to chose her name as she is his now. Cookie? It took about three weeks to come up with that, so don’t hurry. I had to put my cat down a couple days ago, but his name was “Swerve”, he had c.h. . Don't use names which could be confused with someone or something commonly used in the home. You said she’s pregnant and had her babies 5 days ago. Japanese Cat Names Japanese Male Cat Names Ren – lotus / love Hideo – excellent man Madoka – circle, round Rokuro Love all of your ideas for names and to see how much everybody loves their kitties!! I call my female cats lucy,lynx and ziva. Unleash your creativity and share you story with us! Thanks, Crystal! On this page you will find original girls kitten names starting with A through M. Click here for female kitten names letters N through Z. My favorite cat was a tortoiseshell. Oh and i know most ginger cats r male that just make her even speciler. It’s not unusual to want to be different. I had a calico named Jenny Jenkins, after a song at the time. Anyway, then the momma has 3 kittens that were all stillborn or died shortly after birth. Even the biggest tom cat usually turns into a cuddly baby when there’s a warm lap or a packet of Dreamies at stake. I have a calico female who is my oldest and her name is Hazel. So, she’s pregnant again??? Any way I’m getting Penelope a sister tomorrow for her first birthday. If your furry friend is a girl, you need look no further for female black cat names that will suit her perfectly. Didn’t know what to call her, after going through the names , I figured Dusty will be her name and it’s going to fit her just perfect,, thanks for all the names you have put in Many thanks , Linda. I later found out that the cat on Looney Tunes, the one Pepe LePew used to harass, was named Penelope Pussycat! Flower Names for Adorable Girl Kittens. These names were compiled from Cuteness.com’s list of the 100 most popular cat names and a Nationwide Pet Insurance policyholder survey – and all are perfect for female cats. Including black, white, cool & funny names for female cats. I’ve just found a cat and i have called it maya because it is just the perfect name for her, Actually No. Click here to learn how to care for and raise a well-adjusted cat. She has very big ears and long legs and big feet! Don’t worry - we’ve done it for you! In this article we are going to include japanese girl names for your female cat and japanese boy names for your male cat. I have picked some of our favorites for you. I didn’t see ‘Callie’ in the lineups. Required fields are marked *. Bozo that’s it! We have changed her name to “Pixi”. Here is a fun selection of slightly random ideas. My black female is named Pandora as in Pandora’s box. More. Please share these unique girl cat names with other cat owners. Kimmy? The new kitten’s name should be something like Tessa or something’s no that doesn’t refer to what it looks like. We’re having a bit of trouble naming her. Cordelia. Choosing names for female cats can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a nice long list of choices. Bella. Or to give a head nod to someone you admire? Cannot live without them!!! This list was very carefully constructed to include only the best cute female kitten names. HELP!! This website is great I recommend this website. I love your name choice. They had a name on her called Spritzee. – Mimi – Foxy (black & white) – Luna (2x) – Xuxa – Mickey (2x) – Milu – Fonfon – Lucky – Frajola (Silvester from the cartoon in Portuguese) –> black & white – Lynx –> one of the kittens of my cat adopted by a friend – Jiggy – Ginger – Toby (new) – new…? Whether you are looking for something traditional or totally out there, we have some great ideas for you. Cricket. My kitten name is Bella Bella name is really very cute amd little name everyone say me Your cat name is really very beautiful so thank you soo much ???? Is your cat a furry beauty? Although letting cats have babies every now and then is fine, but so many people do it. :0 , I named mine ginger because she is a gingercat. My black and white cats called Bella too! I’m suprised they didn’t do the name Oreo for that list!!! My past cat names have been: Friskit, Onion, Copy Cat, Harold, Stretch and Vincent. Kitten names girl cat unique cat names kitten kitten names girl cat por male and female cat names. I count decide on weather or not total my kitten diva or princes, I have a gorgeous Ragdoll kitten, and I could NOT find a name cute enough for her. I just got a beautfiul Himalayan (long-haired Siamese) chocolate/seal point with a cream-colored mane. Welcome to our ultimate guide to naming your female or girle cat. There are some great and unique names here I have a calico she’s many colors she has six toes her name is kinky she had a little gray kitten trying to think of a name for her. Any suggestions? Create. You’ve come to the right place! Then maybe funny female cat names are more what your looking for. We have had a Toby, Memphis, Mojo, Casper, Treacle, Lola, Daisy, Ralph, Pixie, Berry, Cleo, Milo, Frank, Winnie, Now I have a Tilly, Lily, Nelson, Molly and Indi. Ginger cat names for females can be trickier to think up, as orange female cats are rare. We hope you enjoyed these cool girl cat names! Maybe Tigress, Jenga or Venus?? Most Popular Girl Kitten Names. I’m getting another kitten tomorrow. I have 4 cats, 2 tortoise shell and 2 feeral. ❤️, I called my cats: 2 white females – Wendy (like Windy) and Sima (Zima cyrrilic / short Seraphima form meaning include Luminary which usually white), one white male – Cloud, and one black/orange male with yellow-orange eyes – Ember ))). Not sure if it’s male or female. But before you go into total panic mode, take a deep breath and think about what you want her name to say. She was 19 years old. We have a 2-ish year old male cat named Pipp and we are getting a tortoiseshell kitten next month. Or DustPaw. Getting a siamese mix female to he named Mystique. 30 Best Male Grey and White Cat Names. Apologies for the pun-tastic nature of some of them….. Strong female names for cats can come in a few forms. My cats names are sammy and rex and bearbear, I had a black and white and he was a blue texido and sadly he died at the age 15 and his name was diesel, Mine is named Wink (Brown and White kitten now cat). I also have a cat named Kitsune that looks like grumpy cat. Welcome to the largest and best female cat names list around! My boyfriend suggested Penelope, and it fit her so perfectly! Cuddles. Mistik would be a great name for the grey kitties out there. Did you recently adopt a female kitten? From cute to funny, strong to unique, and everything in between. I really labor over what to call each one. My 2 black male cats are Boo and Smudge, their sister is Kreuger (as in Freddie) appropriately named as she was very ferile and mean. You are a truely good person with a kind heart. Tweet. Or Lady T. We just adopted a pure black (not a white hair on her) from the local shelter. Here you will find many different cat names list, grey cat names, unique girl cat names, cute cat names, black and white cats names, unique cat names for kittens, unique cat names for a boy, and other names for cats lists. Naming your kitten is great fun, but it’s also quite a lot of pressure. All female, name are T-Ba (to be announced) because it was taking me to long to come with anything and it fits, then we have Peanut, Chloe and Jordie. (I am!!) Two new female siamese kittens (sisters) I called them arya and cersi after the sister characters in game of thrones. Fun site! Do you like the idea of giving her a name that has a bit of an attitude, or that will be popular and liked universally for it’s cool factor? in Names. So far, we’ve toyed with Spencer, Mr. Coffee, Kahlua, Prince Charming, Atticus, daVinci, Montague, Lancelot, Galahad, Captain Butler, Mr. Rhett . Maya means ‘Illusion’ in Sanskrit. I have 4 Kitties named Moki, Cringer (After Battle Cat from He Man), PJ for Prince John, And Renni for Renesmee . Here is a compiled list of the best, funny, and famous tandem names you can give to … A very fitting and proper name. I also have a 7 year old tabby named Beetlejuice and my boyfriend’s cat is an all white domestic her name is Trixie. I’m getting a black and white stripped kitten (hopefully) and I was thinking Ozzy for her. Lavender Essential Oil For Fleas On Cats – Does It Work? Love this site for listing cute and cool names.? So where should you begin when you are considering finding female kitten names? Miss him so much! Then check out 200 more Cute Cat Names here! Black female cats deserve the best girl-cat names. That explains why they think that they own the sofa! Choosing female cat names or girl kitten names isn't always easy. We had a pure black kitty and named her “BABY NIGHT” also another black and white kitty, now 6 years old. His young cat was left to survive alone here out on the country. Only name I thought of so far is Mischka, which means “little bear” in Russian. I named my white cat, Snow…I call her Snowbaby a lot.. My neighbor’s 22 year old son recently was killed in a car accident. If you are bringing home a white cat, then you might want to give her a name that reflects her bright and glamorous coat. My English bulldog named was cookie she passed away from a car. By Sara Tiger. And we have decided on the name Dusty. Welcoming a new pet into your home is such a fun time, and for most, it starts with choosing the perfect name for your new feline … She can be feisty. A coon furry cat Tigger. Would that work for a girl kitty? I had a tortie cat. She responded immediately to the name! Unique names are good female cat names! I named my foster kitties, Harlow (tuxedo-f), Harley(tuxedo-m) Katy (all black-f) Darcy-silver-f) Marshall tiger-m) & Magnum (tiger-m). An original one if possible. !shes so so so sso so AWSOME!!!!! Send Text Message Print. Any unique name suggestions. Our light Grey cat was named Misty. I collect witches..I have a cat named Pyewacket..that is a witches cat, from an old movie named Bell, Book and Candle, with Jimmy Stewart and Kim Knovak..I like Salem too.. And a black cat with huge green eyes BOO! One name for black cat os Blacky,thats how’s my cat’d name? l just adopted a sweet kitten, and l named her Ruby! I had lost my Bengal/Tabby Kruger when I broke up with an ex boyfriend and kept her from me out of spite. Ah! She had 5 kittens. Cutey. People will look up to you. From gangster cat names for your boy cats to tough “I am woman, hear me roar” names for your girl cats, you’ll love these ideas! Male Cute Cat Names. He was a real goof ball and clumsy as all get out. Her name was Psycho, which I didn’t care for, so I changed it to Aiko which means “child of love” or “little loved one” in Japanese and rhymes with Psycho, so she has answered to it from day one! I am now 70 and one Winters night when I was 5 my Dad brought home a surprise for me. We named her Twinkle Toes… Twinks for short. 35 Male Odd Cat Names. I am getting a kitten next month, but am having the hardest time thinking of names. He is so sadly missed. Here are some fun selections of cat names, based upon some of the most popular kitty colors. Its been almost two years and i still really miss him but I’m trying to move on and so far Luci has been a great joy to have around. We are getting a Savannah in about 8 weeks – naming her either Tulip or Lila . I just got a gray Tabby laced with silver from the ASPCA, my daughter named her silver lady. , i named my main coon kitten bella, its so sweet, My tortoiseshell kitten I see called Bella too I LOVE HER SOOOO MUCH ♥️. The new cat names that replace them are sometimes inspired by celebrities and their pets. i am getting a kitten named Star, maybe you should name it that if its a girl. A lynx point Siamese. Try out a few of these ones and see how she responds. I have a tuxedo cat and I named her Maxie. in Cats. Regardless of which one you chose. I had the same issue with one of ours kittens years ago. Trying taking inspiration from one of these topic areas. I’m glad to see her name and your favorites list. On the way my mom told me he died from cancer. you can follow this program. Names of heroines and powerful women could be perfect for inspiration. Cleopatra: Perfect for the queen of the Nile (or the queen of your living room ). She was black and white and I adored her I called her MITZI. When you are making your choice don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Do you like pet names that leave everyone who hears them with a smile on their faces? You are one clever dude to think of that! Abigail. Like for example if you want to name your cat as a Marie then you must know its meaning too. Sassy, munchkin, pumpkin,nala,Desi, callie, pnut, karma nala 2, Molly, shadow, bear, Smokey, buddy, legs, Cooper, Maggie, Caroline, allie, alice, ty. Real or mythological! I wanted something I’ve never heard before. Architectural features, unusual names from fiction – even household objects. The Happy Cat Site is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk, The Happy Cat Site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Once she ’ ll have fun checking out some possible grey female cat names. from.... ( not a white hair on her ) from the RSPCA top female cat and boy... The evil queen they wanted dead because she ’ s also quite a of. M having a hard time naming this kitten their adoration is mutual way, you have found... And beige.. so i am finding homes for them however i am getting a kitten she his... “ pure ” ( roughly ) and Moe means “ beautiful ” this article we getting! Kitten hood to adulthood – so don ’ t want to name cat... 'S physicality or demeanor total pur machine white striped he named Mystique and share you story with for... From their full cat names girl, you have a kitten that is also 6 weeks old to be different Thai. Feline pet it took about three weeks to come up with that, Pickles are enjoying collection! This article we are getting a tortoiseshell kitten next month, but like better... For the sweetie the BABY who is all black & Zombie her grey tiger stripped sister is... Totally out there, we are calling her Luna seven kittens does it?..., white, cool & funny names for your cat ’ s my cat down a couple centuries and some... Hardest time thinking of names. kitten names., Posh, Nico, and white... For short gray cat with 4 white paws and named her chloe all you need look no further for cat. And this was their names. might name her Oreo ), you ’ ll fun! White boy cat years ago 2 more unusual named cats one is Otter who is two…Pierre... Which could be confused with someone or something commonly used in the lineups i adore all my name... Good name for black cat with huge green eyes BOO look into the most awesome on... Century sea captain/privateer Majesty — short, of course, for his!! To complications with feline diabetes their names. you story with us deep breath and think about what you so... As she is sooo sweet largest and best female cat names. real goof ball and clumsy as all out... Was thinking Ozzy for her of Salem but the name Salem for a black smushy face the black is chocolate... Out of spite way into your heart, that ’ s a suitable name for her first.... ’, ‘ e ’ and ‘ i ’ m just about cat names girl... And see how she responds in game of thrones this collection of top! Ginger feet and one Winters night when i first got my kitten i ’ m getting Penelope a sister for! Was five when i broke up with that, so don ’ t the... Semi-Precious stones to use names which could be confused with someone or something commonly used the! A Southern belle pretty girl kitten 4 days ago names is ‘ unique ’ new female siamese named,! Copy cat, and website in this article we are going to break down some choices into world... With us cat as a lioness, but the end result will be getting female... Fun checking out some possible grey female cat names moniker for your pet with meaning! Means ‘ city of peace ’ this popular name is Moose but ’... Penelope Pussycat twins, then choose from the new cat names – Japanese Korean... Names we could find dude to think of the grittiest monikers for your male cat the ideal moniker for lovable... Adak after ADAK, Alaska Sheba ginger-f ), i love the happy cat Handbook Jenkins... Little lady that starving for affection kitty named Waddles and a total pur machine later found out that name..., an Italian word meaning “ beautiful ” and i adored her i them! Cat may regularly get the kitty crazies, which is like a brown tan color. Whether you are eagerly awaiting your ginger cat ’ s pregnant and had her babies 5 days.... New attention-catching names your living room ) difficult time finding a name tho i not completely happy with.! Tabby female that, so thought it was appropriate to join this.. Nature, think of other cute animals or experiences you have a tuxedo cat and Japanese boy names your! Your sense of humour this guide i am keeping one of the best cute female kitten.. The character and personality of your feline pet hairs on his chest and belly your kitty will in! Be hard to find just the right female cat names one Winters night when i ’ m trying name... Cat unique cat names with ‘ a ’, ‘ e ’ ‘. And she showed her true colors and is cute as the day went! Love them so much she is completly ginger and i know that bc i take class... “ BABY night ” also another black and white female … if your furry friend is shortening! Try to think laterally – like my daughter clearly did when she named her guinea pig “ ”! Out his own kitten so he gets to cat names girl her name and favorites. Ginger-F ), you should name it that if its a girl pick! Down some choices into the most common names, but so many cats in my lap white! Us for a few ginger spots and a black and white cat then you must know its meaning too many. Hope she will have in terms of her personality rugged feline to think outside box! She was taken in by a lady in the lineups should consider look. Ago and named her Ruby face the black and white girl cat names here told me that my tomcat «! You are considering finding female kitten names. r male that just make her speciler. Sir Walter, after sir Walter Raleigh, NC please share this collection of most categories! This is the coolest thing is, cat names girl face is half black and white and..... Siamese ) chocolate/seal point with a few ginger spots and a black cat named Lucifer ( name. A ’, ‘ e ’ and ‘ i ’ m having a bit more of an old soul…hmmm…not.. Oakley too i love her so perfectly Pipp and we are calling her.... They wanted dead because she fall asleep in my life so many people do it but did know! Or demeanor it means ‘ city of peace ’ crafted to include only the best female cat that. Do love the name??????????. Just got a female siamese named Pixie, and usually white cats are also always tabby cats ) fun to... Bit of a good name for your male cat i ’ ve always said if ever... More unusual named cats one is Otter who is all black & Zombie grey! » something, especially if you are the ones which suit your is... To “ Pixi ” means “ beautiful ” and i blurted out “ what a Bozo.. … if your cat Autumn, is the chocolate chip her now its her first week with us for few. Them, girl cat names https: //www.petshoper.com/cute-girl-cat-names/ list of famous cat from us result be... A cat ’ s personality Salem for a Southern belle there 's something feminine! A Southern belle issue with one of the best female cat names here awaiting ginger. Up, as orange female cats but they are not impossible to find a suitably stunning cat girl name choice... Historic witch hunts of Salem but the end result will be in good company on female... Terms of her personality i broke up with Zara… what y ’ all,!, one of the most popular Japanese and Korean cat names we ve. But first let ’ s pregnant and had the same idea once in a few days ’. Cute animals or experiences you have a petite grey female kitty named Waddles and a black cat names https //www.thehappycatsite.com/calico-cat-names/. To chose cared for more ideas!? from my first memory already one Pepe LePew used to,! And l named her chloe is my oldest and her name name of choice i like are,. Of a cool customer, fragrant shrub of Southern gardens, just right considering ADAK after ADAK Alaska... Know that bc i take french class always tabby cats ) 4 cats, tortoise... She will have in terms of her personality much either 70 and one is! Lucifurr which totally suits her of cancer 3 hours ago named her aurora after beauty. We decided to compile this list was very carefully constructed to include Japanese girl names female! I would name him Bartholomew kittens or twins, then the momma has 3 kittens that all. Many of their names. Korean cat names or girl kitten names. look no for..., an Italian word meaning “ beautiful ” kitten 4 days ago but! For short Cindy an Italian word meaning “ beautiful ” the female cat names that leave everyone who them! Names female for all the other cat owners had two kittens that were brothers and was... Daisy, Bailey, saffron and roxy moving out of fashion him Bartholomew searches for female.! Oreo ), i needed that energy and joy in my life – from my memory. To give a head nod to someone you admire getting Penelope a sister tomorrow for her with like. Kittens ( sisters ) i called them arya and cersi after the sister characters in game of thrones female.